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New Testament Commentary [Paperback] by Wayne Jackson

New Testament Commentary [Paperback] by Wayne Jackson

New Testament Commentary [Paperback] by Wayne Jackson

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Wayne Jackson has produced A New Testament Commentary that is a scholarly, yet practical, study tool. Written for both teachers and students, it is fresh and easy to understand--yet not at the expense of sound exegesis.
You will find this commentary to be a quick reference tool that addresses each book of the New Testament in a comprehensive fashion without the burden of tedious complicated matters that frequently distract and discourage the reader.
Difficult passages will be brought into focus, not only guiding you into the meaning of the sacred text, but providing example after example of how to interpret the Scriptures in a sensible manner. Sometimes obscure or difficult texts may have varying possible interpretations. In such cases, the author mentions these possibilities, leaving you to draw your own conclusions - a refreshing alternative to other more dogmatic approaches.
As you study this commentary, you will be increasingly drawn into a deeper and richer study of the Word of God. The author's deep reverence for and respectful handling of the Scriptures is apparent and will be warmly received by those who treasure the Holy Book Divine.
•Background discussion of each book in the New Testament, including authorship, likely date of composition, general theme and purpose of each book, and a helpful instructional outline of the document
•Parallel texts in the Gospel accounts clearly referenced
•Commentary and analysis on the relationship between New Testament texts and the preparatory information contained in the Old Testament
•Meaningful analysis in easy-to-understand language of insights into the original Greek Testament and without cumbersome, technical jargon
•Historical data that provides important contextual background for an accurate understanding of the sacred text
•A treasure trove of sermon ideas-ideal for Bible class teachers
•Extended bibliography of important study reference tools

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